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Gold & Diamond Buying

Do you have unwanted pieces you no longer wear? James Douglas Jewelers will buy your gold. Better yet, we can help you recycle, reuse and rebeautify your old jewelry so you do want to wear it again. And again! Bring in your unworn pieces and talk to an experienced jeweler to discover how we can turn them into like-new pieces that recapture your heart.

Cash for Your Old Gold

Whether trying to make a little extra cash or turning old jewelry into new jewelry, James Douglas Jewelers is your local, trusted name for trading in unwanted gold jewelry.  Bring in your broken or unworn jewelry and sell it to us. You can take the cash or trade in for something you will love. Our staff will give you fair price for your gold in any condition.

Sell Us Your Unworn Jewelry

Over the years, your jewelry box has likely accumulated some unworn jewelry with diamonds or other precious gemstones. James Douglas Jewelers will buy those diamonds and gemstones from you. With the money, you can buy something new that you love. If your jewelry has sentimental value, but is just not your style, let us take those gemstones and put those memories into something you will wear, as well as cherish.